Services & Pricing

What follows are the services I most typically offer my clients. If you can't find what you are looking for email me.


Resume Production

I offer a 2-hour resume production process that is 100% tailored to your individual situation and needs.

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How this Works:
(1) Email me for my intake form.
(2) Fill out the intake form, or alternatively, send me your English resume draft.  No matter which you choose, please ensure the document I receive is as complete as possible so that we can maximize our efficiency when we talk.
(3) (1-hour live session) We will meet (in-person if you are in Tokyo) or via Skype and I will ask you questions about your background and achievement in order for me to get a better understanding of what you have done.  
(4) During a second 1-hour session I will rewrite your resume. You do not need to be online or with me when I do this. I'll set this session within a week of the live session, or faster if you need me to (just let me know).  Once I am done, I will email you the resume.  It will probably contain a few questions so..
(5) we will go back and forth by email a few times until the resume is complete to your satisfaction.

Essay Consulting

Essay writing for MBA applications is difficult, and one reason why is because it is extremely hard to tell - by yourself - how effective your essay are.  I can help you in any/all of the following ways:

(1) choosing the best topics and approaches for each question
(2) choosing the most effective way to tell your stories (i.e. selecting what details are important and necessary for your stories to be most strategic and persuasive)
(3) editing your essays to fit the tight word counts required by MBA applications
(4) helping you to ensure you are choosing the right words and expressions to get your ideas across as best as possible

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How this Works:
Session 1 - We will brainstorming essay topics and approaches. If you already have draft essays, I'll give you feedback on what is working and what is confusing or too vague. If you are applying to multiple schools, we'll also choose one particular application you should work on first.
Sessions 2 to 7* - We will work through the first application essay set
Sessions 8 to .. - subsequent essay sets

* The amount of sessions used per client varies dramatically. Typically, clients use 4-9 sessions to complete their first application, and then between 0.5 and 4 sessions to complete subsequent applications, depending on the difficulty of the essay and other factors.

Interview Consulting

Together we will make a plan for what you want to say and how you should say it.  After that the focus will be on execution with lots of practice.

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How this Works:

Session 1 - Depending on your level of preparation, we may either do (a) a mock interview, with feedback on your performance following this or (b) we will spend the first session brainstorming possible questions you may receive and your ideal approach to answering them.

Session 2 to xx - These will be mock interviews with feedback after each response, or eventually, after the entire interview. I will tailor each interview session to the actual school to which you are applying, and offer feedback based on my experience with successful admits to that program.

Second Check Service

I will review one entire application and provide detailed written feedback on key weaknesses as well as possible strategies to overcome them.  From my experience it is best that you do this several weeks prior to your deadline to ensure you have time to make necessary revisions.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Sessions are valid for 18 months from the date of purchase.
  • Prices include any and all relevant taxes.
  • Sessions may be booked at any time, provided our schedule align (we can schedule all sessions in your package before you purchase it if you wish).
  • There is no fee for email or skype sessions cancelled in advance. Face-to-face sessions much be cancelled 2 hours prior to the session, otherwise a full 60-minute session is charged.
  • I will refund 85% of the balance remaining (i.e. unused sessions) if the contract is terminated for any reason.